Are you a completely private escort: Yes I am, I am not affiliated or work for or through any agency.

Are you discrete: Absolutely!! I respect your privacy completely. If you have specific contact requirements, I will definitely respect that.

Why do you not offer natural sex: For my own health and safety, as well as the health of my clients.

Do you accept gifts or presents: Yes I do, I love presents. While definitely not a requirement, I will happily accept gifts; please see my wishlist page for ideas.

Do you take any fetish requests: Yes I definitely enjoy a kinky or different booking, please contact me with any questions or requests.

Will you fly to my city: Yes. However, unless part of a preorganised tour, associated flight and accommodation costs are in addition to your booking costs. Bookings must be a minimum of 3 hours and a deposit must be paid.

Why do you require a deposit: Because I have had many timewasting “clients” who have either cancelled at very last minute, or not shown up at all. Deposits are to be paid into a very discrete account if transferred or can be deposited at any commonwealth branch.

Why have you not responded to my text/email: Remy has decided she is going to “be the bigger person” and not reply to inept messages. Reasons usually of the following: inappropriate language, asked for something illegal or previously stated I do not offer, asked questions that my site already has answers to, sent me naked pictures of yourself, sent a useless message (ie “Hi”, “R U avl“, “Avail now”). Should your message not contain any of the above and I haven’t replied, I am perhaps away from my phone or have not seen your message yet.

Do you “fake it”: No, why bother, you’ll never learn that way 😉

I am married, will you judge me: Not my place to judge, you keep my secrets and I will keep yours.

Do you get health checks: Yes I do, it is in my best interest to maintain optimal sexual health.

Are your prices negotiable:
No they are not, please do not ask.

I want to bring alcohol, what do you drink: I like bubbles, sav’s or perhaps cider if you must 😉